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A recent news article, worthy of mention because of its bizarre choice of words:

A naked sunbather suffered minor injuries when he became impaled on a rusty metal spike during a drinking session with friends…As he went to go to the toilet, he slipped and was impaled through the groin on the 8in iron spike.

If a guy slips and gets impaled through the groin by an 8 inch iron spike, it could not possible be referred to as “minor injuries.” What was the author of the article thinking?


Carla Bruni nude

Just when you thought Sarkozy drama (he’s the much talked about French president, remember???) couldn’t get any better, his wife Carla Bruni goes and poses nude for the April 2008 issue of GQ Magazine.

More here.

A policeman in Nabari, Japan was caught after having placed a camera in a restaurant bathroom. Do you ever wonder if someone has placed a camera in a bathroom? It could happen anywhere.

Full story here: here.