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An internal affairs report says a Daytona Beach police officer demanded free coffee and tea from a Starbucks and threatened employees with slower emergency response times if they refused.

Full story here.


A 6 foot long croc was spotted in the surf in South Carolina. It isn’t known whether the crocodile swam up the coast from Florida, or if it was an escaped pet.

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Blind golfer gets a hole in one!

A hole-in-one is rare on the golf course, but what are the odds of a blind golfer sinking one?

Leo Fiyalko couldn’t see it, but his golf buddies did – a hole-in-one on the fifth hole at the Cove Cay Country Club.

Fiyalko is 92 and has macular degeneration. He’s been golfing for 60 years, but his 110-yard shot with a five iron on Jan. 10 was his first hole-in-one.

“I was just trying to put the ball on the green,” Fiyalko said.

More on the story here.

A decline in shark feeding is linked to a decline in shark attacks.

Since Florida banned shark feeding in January 2002, shark attacks have sharply declined there. Conversely, over the same four-year interval in South Africa shark attacks have been have sharply increased in the False Bay area where shark feeding is booming.

Don’t feed the sharks…


(that is not a shark attack… it’s friendly)