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Tokyo’s Japanese Maids of Akihabara are being threatened:

It’s become common for women in maid costumes to put on impromptu street shows in Akihabara’s main strip is shut off to cars and turned into a “Pedestrian’s Heaven” every Sunday.

But strong-arming crimefighters are shoving the maids off every chance they get and few observers seem to understand why.

“Police basically hate it when large crowds of people gather together in public. But ‘Pedestrians’ Heavens’ are a ‘Heaven’ precisely because they create space for people to put on performances. Without those shows, they’re nothing more than mere sidewalks,” Otani says. “By cracking down on the maids, it’s proof the pen pushers want to show that they control the streets. If this was happening in the West, people would be hurling buckets of paint over the cops. I’ve got to admit it irks me a bit that the mob from Akihabara just sit back and take it all the time.

More here.

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More about the Japanese maids of Akihabara.


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